The Key to Leading Anyone in Any Situation

Straight talk about how to get better at leading so that you can consistently deliver results that beat not just the marketplace but your own performance year over year. Leadership is messy, you’ll make mistakes, but if you stick with it and follow the approach and shortcuts that The Deviant Advantage shares with you, you’ll get better at leading fast and be able to get the best out of yourself, your team, and your business.


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The Deviant Advantage: How to Lead Any One in Any Situation - Sample Chapter - from Sandi Coryell


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Sandi speaks and delivers engaging presentations

Are you ready to give your company its own Deviant Advantage?

Sandi Coryell delivers engaging, impactful presentations with immediately actionable takeaways that you can use for quick, real world results.

Learn how you and your people can use the practices in the book to:

  • Develop Blockbuster Influence that closes sales, engages employees, and gets people into action faster using the strategies that Hollywood filmmakers employ to turn unknown films into must see blockbusters.
  • Create an effective Leadership Brand that conveys trust, value, and quickly communicates how your unique Deviant Advantage separates you from a crowded field and attracts talent and clients magnetically to you, positions you top of mind for promotions and new business, and strengthens your leadership presence.
  • Build inclusive and diverse teams of the highest caliber that work together, have each others’ backs, and are your company’s best ambassadors. Your own ‘Circus of Freaks’ that has both engaged individual players and effective, collaborative teamwork.

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Sandi also provides consulting for companies looking to put The Deviant Advantage Leadership Approach and principles into action. For more information on consulting, please visit:

About the Author

Sandi Coryell - Author - The Deviant Advantage

Sandi is a Keynote Speaker, Leadership Consultant, and Author.

She is an Enforcer with a Deviant Rising. Which explains why Sandi constantly boomerangs between a love of heady intellectual debates and scouring flea markets for 1970s macrame belts.

It also explains why every Tuesday you can find her discussing all things leadership on her weekly podcast, Talking Deviant Leadership (, or why her leadership style, developed over 20 years as a senior executive in entertainment advertising, is a strong blend of intuition and analytics, empathy and accountability, and guts and prudence.

Sandi has worked with hundreds of senior executives, entrepreneurs and teams who want to attain that perfect blend of high performance results with creative, differentiated thinking. And who want to enjoy themselves while their doing it.

Sandi’s thoughts and writing has been featured in Forbes, Realizing Leadership, and various business publications.

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